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Lorraine Quinn is the owner of leading beauty salon Beauty at the Lodge in Ballybofey, Co. Donegal. Lorraine has 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and shares her knowledge of the next best treatments in her column on Donegal Woman.

The ultimate in eyebrow perfection 6 years ago

The ultimate in eyebrow perfection

By  •  Beauty

I’m sure most women will relate to this…. We all want perfect eyebrows not necessarily over the top, but just nice brows to complete our look.

We’ve all at one …
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Browsing for a new brow product? 7 years ago

Browsing for a new brow product?

Enhancing our brows has become a daily ritual for so many of us, and we couldn’t imagine leaving the house without filling them in these days.

It’s strange to think …
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Makeup 101 | Natural Brows 7 years ago

Makeup 101 | Natural Brows

By  •  Beauty

It’s not that long ago I discovered my brows.  I had never EVER thought of popping a pencil, powder, wax, or gel near them! In 2009, my brows were officially …
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