We are currently living in the Age of the Brow, so Kerry Harvey has an expert guide on taming and framing your eyebrows in seconds.

It’s not that long ago I discovered my brows.  I had never EVER thought of popping a pencil, powder, wax, or gel near them! In 2009, my brows were officially born when I started my makeup artistry course in what is now known as LA College of Creative Arts in Dublin’s Fair city, and what a revelation that was! Nowadays, brow are ‘on trend’ and as important a part of any makeup routine as doing your eyes or lips!

Sporting a fairly clean and well-maintained brow is easy with all the treatments available to us in the ‘Age of the Brow’ and helps accentuate and frame not only your eyes but your face in general, adding to your character.

Brows have not only become a groomed feature for both women and men, but you can even go as far as having a hair transplant to fill your patchy/sparse brow line out!

Today, however, we’ll look at a softer approach and focus on naturally and subtly filling in your brows with a simple pencil and gel technique you can mimic in seconds!

♥ Taming and Framing Your Brows ♥

1.Brow pencil at the ready! Tip: use a tone darker for fair brows and a tone lighter for dark brows. I’m using Sleek Makeup’s Brow Stylist Pencil DARK 718 – €7.99!  It’s a double ended tool with both pencil and brush plus, they have shades for you fair and red hair gals too!

2. Use a soft brow brush to begin to brush those hairs into position – you can use a brow brush or a clean mascara wand.

3. Brush the hair upwards and smooth out towards the tip following the natural direction of your brows natural hair growth.

4-6. Now take your pencil and using feathering soft strokes, begin to fill in and shape the under area of the brow tapering out to the tip.

7-8. Repeat these soft feathering strokes above and simply fill in the areas that require coverage to connect and transform those patchy/sparse areas leaving you with a fuller healthy brow.  Soft in upward stroke fill in any sparse areas on the inner brow near the nose.

9. Use your brush to soften out any harsh lines that may appear if you’ve been heavy handed.

10-11 Brow gel – a simple clear gel to set your brows in place once you’ve groomed those babies into shape! I’m also using the Brow Protector in clear by Sleek Makeup – €6.49

Simply brush from the inner brow to the tip, leave to dry and voila…a natural perfect brow to frame your face in seconds!

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