West Donegal designer Sarah Lorraine Gallagher is making a statement in soft power with the launch of Ireland’s newest luxury brand – Sarah Lorraine Donegal.

Driven by a passion for luxury fashion at an accessible price point, Sarah embarked on a year and a half long journey to create exquisite pieces that exude quality and sophistication without the hefty price tag. 

Drawing inspiration from timeless icons such as Grace Kelly, Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn, Sarah’s brand focuses on delivering ultra-feminine and elegant pieces designed to withstand the test of time in your wardrobe. 

The “Melania” pink two-piece ensemble. Sarah Lorraine Donegal. Photo: Terrie Burton

Sarah Lorraine Donegal. Photo: Terrie Burton

Sarah is the daughter of the well-known singer-songwriter of the Goats Don’t Shave, Patrick Gallagher.

A sense of place was always an important element of her brand, she said: “I am very proud to launch this brand in the Gaeltacht, a unique and creative region of Donegal. 

“I started this brand to cater to women, like myself who value premium fabrics and skilled tailoring, and I’m really proud to finally be launching.

“Throughout this journey, I have had the pleasure of meeting wonderful individuals from all corners of the country. I am grateful for their support and guidance, and I am excited for what the future holds for the brand.”

Sarah Gallagher. Photo: Terrie Burton

The “Audrey” two piece. Sarah Lorraine Donegal. Photo: Terrie Burton

Each design is meticulously crafted, and mostly made to order, ensuring that every woman who owns a Sarah Lorraine piece possesses something truly rare and not mass-produced. The brand aims to provide women with unique and elegant garments that elevate their style and confidence.

The Melania two-piece suit is the inaugural limited edition piece from Sarah Lorraine Donegal, available for pre-order now. Trendsetters are eyeing this showstopping outfit, hinting at a bright future for this up-and-coming Donegal luxury brand.

The “Melania” pink two-piece ensemble. Sarah Lorraine Donegal.

Check out the collection on: www.sarahlorraine.ie or follow Sarah Lorraine Donegal on social media: @sarahlorrainedonegal and Facebook: Sarah Lorraine Donegal