We tested three new eyebrow enhancing sets to see how they live up to our (highbrow) expectations.

Enhancing our brows has become a daily ritual for so many of us, and we couldn’t imagine leaving the house without filling them in these days.

It’s strange to think how recent the eyebrow revolution has happened in the makeup world. We aspire to have full brows, shaped and shaded to perfection. This means a little work is required each morning to keep them in order. Those little strips have become so important for framing the face, and thankfully the makeup industry heeded our need for easy-to-use products.

We’re all about changing things up for springtime, so we tested three new eyebrow enhancing sets in both powder and gel forms.

Urban Decay Brow Box – 9/10

This compact piece from Urban Decay is designed to be a one-stop shop for brow maintenance. A stylish purple geometric box contains two levels. On top you have two shades of brow powder and a setting wax. Having two powders allow you to mix and blend from day to night or more dramatic looks as you wish.

We liked the secret bottom drawer that holds all the tools you could need – a pair of tweezers, an angled brush and spoolie wand for combing through brows before beautifying. The size of the box is great for all the products it contains.

There are six different colour boxes available to cater to all tones and intensities. We loved the many options there are for everyone to find their match.

.Urban Decay Brow Box, €26.50 from Debenhams and other UD stockists.

Sleek MakeUP Brow Intensity – 5/10

Sleek MakeUP Brow Intensity

This is one for the girl who wants a big and bold brow. It’s a double ended pen product with a highlighter at one end and a mascara-like wand at the other. It’s a handy compact applicator, but it takes a few practices to avoid smudging. As with the name, the makeup is supposed to be intense, but the applicator sponge really is too wide for sculpting a defined line and the wand is very saturated with product, which can lead to smearing if you’re too heavy-handed.

The highlighting pencil is for adding luminosity to the brow bone and inner eye corners. The consistently should be creamier for a smooth application. It has a narrow tip for achieving good definition – we think the gel wand end could have been so much better had it been this size too.

Sleek MakeUP Brow Intensity, €10.99, available in selected chemists across Donegal. Visit www.sleekmakeupireland.com to find your nearest stockist.

Artistry Signature Colour Brow Kit

Artistry Signature Colour Brow Kit – 9/10

This kit is very similar to Urban Decay’s brow box – with all the tools and shades you need on a daily basis in one compact so it’s ideal for home and on the go.

There are two powders and a wax in layer one, with a pull out drawer below. The powder shades in Taupe and Espresso are suited to medium/dark brows and the brow wax will easily blend with both.

Artistry Signature Colour Brow Kit

The spoolie brush, tweezer, and angled brush are all excellent quality. This is a premium brand that is not so well known yet in Ireland, but with no-nonsense top-quality products like this we’re probably going to be seeing a lot more of Artistry.

At €37.95, the kit is the priciest of our three new releases, but we can see ourselves making use of this one for years. Artistry Colour is available from www.amway.ie