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Get ready to elevate your Athleisure game! Convoy woman Elaine Ayton has launched a brand new fashion line, Calculate Clothing, offering a unique mix of comfort and style.

Launched on Sunday, fashion fans are already snapping up their newest half-zips, hoodies, sweatshirts, leggings, joggers and support tops. We can expect to see the styles everywhere this summer!

What makes Calculate Clothing stand out is quality and classic styles perfect for gym, running errands, or lounging at home.

Calculate Clothing

Niamh Gallagher, Elaine Ayton and Claudia McLaughlin model the new Calculate Clothing launch. Photo: Terrie Burton

Fashion has always been a passion for Elaine. From a young age, she has gravitated towards the latest trends, and loved modifying clothes to add her own personal touch. “I remember my mum taking me on the bus to Derry or to the markets in Strabane so I could browse and put ideas together. No matter what I bought, I would modify it in some way,” she says.

An active lifestyle has also played a significant role in Elaine’s design inspiration. “From an early age I was always into sport. I loved running long distances, cycling and football,” she shares.

Elaine finds inspiration from the styles of other women, both online and on the street. “I love admiring other girl’s styles and getting creativity from them, whether it’s meeting them on the street or browsing on social media,” she explains.

Calculate Clothing

Calculate Clothing CALLA half-zip. Photo: Terrie Burton

Calculate Clothing

Calculate Clothing KALLOS Hoodies. Photo: Terrie Burton

A key item in the new Calculate Clothing collection is the ultimate legging and support top, designed for both comfort and support. 

“My main go to at the moment is a comfortable but supportive legging and bra top, which is why I designed the Ultimate Legging and support top. The structure and comfort is amazing. Again, can be dressed up with the Kallos hoodie, trench and oversized bag for a comfortable day shopping,” Elaine describes.

Calculate Clothing KALLOS Hoodie with the Ultimate Support Top. Photo: Terrie Burton

Calculate Clothing Ultimate Support Top and Leggings. Photo: Terrie Burton

The collection’s statement piece is the Calla half-zips which Elaine describes as “really eye catching and so comfortable and warm.” These lightweight, high-neck half-zips come in three colours, with plans for more to be added. Stylish jogger bottoms and sweatshirts complete the exciting new collection.

Elaine is eager to grow the brand and connect with her followers. “I would love my followers to connect with me on Instagram, send me a message of their favourite colours and styles and if they have an item that they have loved over the years, but can no longer get, reach out to me and we can create it together and bring it to life,” she says.

Stay tuned to Calculate Clothing on social media and unlock an exclusive 10% off the new collection with the code NEW10 for new customers! 

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New Calculate Clothing launch. Photo: Terrie Burton

Images by Terrie Burton, Studio Donegal 
Models: Claudia McLaughlin and Niamh Gallagher