Emmet from Rushe Fitness has all the Monday Motivation you need to get up and get moving for your health today.

At one point in time, people were active enough that they had a choice in whether to exercise or not. 

Their jobs or lives involved lots of movement, lifting, carrying, sweating and kept the heart and lungs and body working each day. 

This meant that if they weren’t exercising, it wasn’t overly detrimental to their health. 

But for the majority of us, those days are a thing of the past. 

  • We sit for work
  • We sit for leisure time
  • We watch TV, phones, tablets, gaming. 
  • We aren’t active 
  • Our jobs aren’t active 
  • Our diets are more processed 

What this means is that the days of exercise being a choice, are also a thing of the past.

Most have not realised this yet. 

You no longer have a choice in whether you should exercise or not. 

You absolutely should and need to exercise. 

And you probably need to do it more often than you think. 

Not motivated to.

So, what!

Are you motivated to go to work each day? 


Yet you do.

Because you need to and absolutely have to go to work in order to get paid. 


If you don’t go, you will eventually lose your job and accumulate debt because you won’t be able to afford the things and lifestyle you have been able to have through your pay. 

Exercise is exactly the same as work. 

Exercise is your job. 

Your payment is your health. 

If you don’t exercise, you will eventually accumulate debt in the form of sickness, obesity and eventually lose your health. 

All the things and lifestyle you have been able to enjoy because of your health, will no longer be there for you.

There is a reason disease, obesity and ill health is on the rise and it isn’t because we are a society who are more active. 

We have become a society of people who aren’t active and are happy with that. 

Exercise is medicine and it should be prescribed for many things that are currently linked to inactivity. 

So, stop thinking you have a choice in whether you should exercise or not. 

You don’t. 

Get up and get moving before it’s too late. 

That may sound dramatic, but if you end up in a health situation, the last thing you want to think is ‘why didn’t I start sooner’!

That point in time could be closer than you think. 

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