Microblading specialist Lorraine Quinn from Beauty at the Lodge Ballybofey reveals all you need to know about the treatment.

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I’m sure most women will relate to this….
We all want perfect eyebrows not necessarily over the top, but just nice brows to complete our look.

We’ve all at one time or another got a little ‘tweezer happy’ and over plucked and wished we hadn’t. Filling in and grooming brows each day is an ongoing task for most women.

When you’ve tried just about every pencil, powder, pigment, gel on the market and your brows are still off fleek…. ☹️

Eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature, they are responsible for some many facial expressions. Eyebrows can make or break the aura of the face. Achieving the perfect brow has never been easier, thanks to the revolutionary method of Microblading.

If your brows are sparse, over plucked/waxed, uneven or you have suffered an illness and as a result lost your eyebrow hair, Microblading is definitely a treatment you should consider.

Having the correct eyebrow shape and colour can make all the difference, they can make you look younger, your facial features appear softer and give the ultimate eye lift.

So what exactly is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement, which creates natural fuller looking eyebrows.

Ultra fine individual hair strokes are created with a manual hand held tool and a row of very tiny needles, which implant pigment into the upper dermal layers of the skin.

The results are so perfect, it’s hard to distinguish Microblading hair strokes from your own natural eyebrow hair.

Unlike the old eyebrow tattoo method of a solid coloured brow, Microblading is crisp, fine, feather-like strokes that mimic eyebrow hair resulting in a softer, far more natural looking brow.

Microblading at Beauty at the Lodge

Can anyone have Microblading?

Yes, Microblading is an amazing treatment for everyone! It is fantastic for all ages, male & female to enhance and define your natural brows.

Microblading is also amazing for clients that suffer with Alopecia and Trichotillomania and clients that have gone through Chemotherapy/Radiation treatment and as a result lost their natural brow hair.

However, there are some situations when Microblading isn’t suitable: Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers – Diabetics – Keratosis – Hepatitis – Chemotherapy patients (currently receiving treatment).

Do I need a Patch Test?

Yes, an in depth consultation and patch test is carried out to make sure the client is suitable for the treatment. Patch test is required 48 hours prior to treatment.

How long does the treatment take?

You will need two treatments. It is essential that you attend your second touch-up treatment in order to make your brows semi-permanent.

Your first appointment takes 2 hours and your second appointment takes 1.5 hours. (Second treatment must be carried out 4-6 weeks after initial treatment).

Remember that the final results isn’t determined until after the second appointment.

What to expect during your treatment

Your appointment will take approximately 2 hours. Eyebrows do not have to be shaved/removed before receiving the treatment. The two most important factors of this treatment is colour & shape.

Most of the time the artist will follow your natural shape to fill them in, other times it’s necessary to create a whole new shape to better suit your facial features. During this time your brows will be measured using 3 different types of apparatuses, this is to determine your exact shape and where your natural brows start and finish.

We will discuss your desired colour and custom blend the perfect pigment that will suit your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone. This will be applied just above the eyebrows so you can see the exact colour and tone beforehand.

A perfect brow shape is manually drawn onto the skin, so that you can see your shape beforehand and make as many adjustments as you wish. Once we are entirely happy with the above, we then start to Microblade this pigment through the entire brow.

How painful is it?

There is a mild discomfort felt during the procedure, but most clients find the procedure rather tolerable. However, you could find the procedure a little painful if performed during your monthly cycle.


Looking after your new brows is easy! You will be talked through your aftercare in detail after your treatment. You will be required to bathe your brows and apply a specific aftercare cream during your healing period of 7 days.

You must avoid the following during your healing period: Make Up over the brow area – Excessive sweating – Swimming – Sauna/Steam Room – Sun Beds – Facials.

What is the downtime following this treatment?

There is little to no downtime with this treatment. The skin around the brows may be slightly pink and a little sensitive, this will disappear in a couple of hours.
Your brows will appear slightly darker in colour for the first few days but will start to fade thereafter. Your brows will fade up to 50% after your first treatment and they will also shrink up to 15%. This is perfectly normal and you should expect this to happen.

Your colour and shape will be rectified and made semi-permanent in your second treatment.

It takes approximately 7-14 days for the brows to heal over and about a month for the colour to fully set in.

How long does it last and what is the cost?

There are many factors that contribute to the duration of your brows. Your aftercare, the condition of your skin, the oiliness of your skin and your daily routine can all affect how long your Microblading lasts.

Taking these factors into account, your new brows can last between 12-18 months. Yearly touch ups are required thereafter. You can expect to pay approximately €300

Choosing the right Microblading Artist

You want to carefully choose the right artist, after all *it’s your face!* Not only are we talking about good style, we’re talking about choosing an artist who deeply understands the science and technical precision necessary to create eyebrows that look natural.

It is essential to check the artist’s qualifications, don’t be afraid to ask to see all their qualifications! The skill of Microblading can not be learned in just a quick 1 or 2 day course.

Since this field is rapidly evolving, regular continuing education is a must. A good artist will have attended quite a few courses.

Microblading takes a lot of studying, impeccable attention to detail, practice, patience and endless drawing. Your artist without a doubt must have a good solid background in Eyebrow Artistry, have the cleanliness of a surgeon and work from a super sterile environment.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and when you see a high price tag on this particular service, you’re paying for expertise. This is not the time to turn to Groupon for a deal.

Microblading vouchers available at Beauty at the Lodge Ballybofey

I was one of the first HD Brow stylists in Ireland and I’m a fully qualified and accredited Microblading specialist.

I pride myself on delivering the perfect brow. I believe there isn’t one brow that fits all. There is so much to take into consideration, facial features, bone structure, skin tone, eye and hair colour, age and personality. Taking all this into consideration when creating the perfect brow for your client is paramount.

We work with high-quality pigments manufactured and formulated by certified laboratories under strict safety guidelines and using the highest purity FDA approved pigment ingredients.

Brows are my passion, l have created over 700 Microblading brows in past 3 years. I love my job and the confidence it gives my clients each and every time.

To book a free consultation with no obligation, contact me on the details below.

Lorraine x

Prive Microblading Certified
Ecruli Microblading Certified
Deluxe Brows ‘Masters’ Microblading
HD Brow Stylist since 2010
3D Eyebrow Embroidery Certified
Nano Stroking & Nano Shading Microblading Certified
Deluxe Ombré Microblading Brows Certified
EIPMU Certified (European Institute of Permanent Makeup)


Microblading by Lorraine Tel: 074 91 30446
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am 9pm Sat- 8am – 6pm
Beauty at the Lodge, River Lodge, Curraghamone, Ballybofey, Co Donegal

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