Instead of a fitness challenge today, Emmet from Rushe Fitness Live sets a real feel-good task - try it!

We are all living in uncertain times and it is very easy to feel down, let negativity take over and make it seem as if things may not get better for a long time. We are being exposed to more negativity in our daily lives through social media and the news. Social media can swamp our newsfeeds with negativity and the news and media seem to focus on the negatives of the situation more and more each day. So, this week’s challenge is to try and offset some of this negativity and spread some positivity around. CLICK HERE TO START YOUR NEW POSITIVE HEALTH AND FITNESS ROUTINE
This week, we have a simple challenge. Every day this week, I want you to give a genuine compliment to at least one person, even if they are a complete stranger! There are a few reasons as to why we are going to do this;
  1. You never know what someone is going through and a simple compliment could be the best thing to happen to them in a long time.
  2. You are giving that person a small boost and that will create ripples that will spread. They in turn may do something nice for someone and so on. (Positivity spreads)
  3. It’s nice to be nice without expecting something in return. Seriously, we are in an age where people seem to have an expectancy for things. So, try doing something nice and have no expectancy for anything in return except. Not only will it lift their mood…. but it will lift YOURS also.
Think back to the last time someone did something nice for you completely unexpectedly. It’s a great feeling and can turn a bad day into a great one. CLICK HERE TO START YOUR NEW POSITIVE HEALTH AND FITNESS ROUTINE Don’t overthink this, we’re not expecting you to DM a complete stranger and say that they are attractive or anything. LOL. 1. Saying ‘thank you’ to a shop assistant could be the best thing they hear that day. 2. Telling the garda at the checkpoint to ‘have a nice day’ will go a long way. 3. Writing a nice comment on someones post could brighten up thier day. 4. Just being positive around the people who you have been in isolation with these past 7 weeks can change everyones day. This may not be what you normally do and I know that during these stressful times, it’s very easy to let negativity take over. But, we all need more positivity right now and if we all focus on it more, it will make getting through all of this an easier process. Stay safe. Emmet #RFLive #leaninquarantine If you need help with a new healthy and positive fitness and health routine, our Rushe Fitness Live online fitness community can help!
We have daily workouts, recipe guides, and a positive and supportive fitness community that will help and support you though the lockdown. So, if you are ready to make a change, click the link below and subscribe to Rushe Fitness live now and keep the whole family fit and healthy! CLICK HERE TO START YOUR NEW ROUTINE