Emmet Rushe explains how there is always a way for a busy woman to fit exercise into her life.

I got a message through to my page after a survey I put up last Thursday evening.

The lady was enquiring if I still had my online coaching available as she needed some help and she didn’t live locally.

I explained that it was on hold until the end of August, but said that, if I could be of any help, just ask and I would do my best.

We exchanged messages for almost an hour, and after we had finished, I asked if I could share this as it is a common situation I come across with clients and I know that her story could help others.

She agreed.

She hadn’t felt like herself in the past few years and didn’t like what she saw in the mirror anymore.

Since the kids came along, she felt as if she no longer had any time for herself and felt as if she has let herself go.

She didn’t feel attractive anymore and she was worried that her partner wouldn’t feel attracted to her either.

I asked if she was able to squeeze anytime in to get out and maybe make a class or get to the gym, but she said it wasn’t possible.

She was always running with the kids, doing housework, making multiple meals and dinners and when it got to the evenings, she was too tired to do anything.

We talked about when she did have time and she said that she always woke up before the kids to give herself an hour on her own in the morning.

So, this is where we agreed to start getting her active again.
She didn’t have access to any equipment, but that isn’t an issue as there are loads you can do with just your bodyweight.

So, I put together a 3 days per week workout routine for her that she could do in 30-40 mins 1st thing in the morning.

It was like what we do with our online clients and will be what we will be doing with my new online company HabiFit.


I also gave her a few links to some of my past articles that would show her how to manage her portion sizes and help her to make better choices with her food.


It’s not about turning to the extremes.

If fad diets, diet shakes and pills worked long term, people wouldn’t put the weight back on again.

We talked through everything that she wanted and what she would like to achieve and it was all achievable.

She wanted to be able to buy and wear nice clothes again.
She wanted to feel like herself again.
She wanted to feel attractive to her husband again.

These things are all achievable and you don’t have to resort to extreme diets or training every day of the week in order to get them.

That’s what you may have been lead to believe, but it’s not what we do with our clients and it sure as hell isn’t what I do myself.

The training and diet have to fit around your life.

We got her to schedule 2-3 times per week to get her started.

We agreed that she would start slow with the diet and work on eating more fruit and veggies, drinking more water and eating more lean protein.

But, it also had to fit in along with what her family was eating, so I gave her some recipe ideas along with it so she wouldn’t have to make herself separate meals.

Listen, I get it guys.

I have been training many people like this person since I started training.

You have all been sold the dieting handbook and unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

If you are in a situation like this person was, talk to someone.
Find a coach.
Reach out to me or someone you trust and ask for advice.
Don’t buy into the extremes that promise the world and always, ALWAYS fail to deliver.

You don’t need to be doing everything in order to get results.
Start with the minimum amount that will give you results and keep doing that until it stops, and then change something.

The main thing you need to know is that;
You can get back to feeling like the old you.
You can get back into your favourite jeans again.
You can have the confidence to wear a swimsuit and take your kids swimming again.

You just need to start taking action and making some time for you again.