As we live with increased restrictions in Donegal, fitness coach Emmet Rushe shares why it's more important than ever to keep positive and healthy.

With Level 3 being imposed and more businesses and jobs being put on hold, it is easy to let stress and negativity slip into our daily life.

We have had 7 months of constant news about Covid-19 and the rise and fall and then rise again in cases and it has been taking its toll on everyone.

With all of this being a constant presence in our lives, it is more important than ever to look for the positive in every situation. ⁣⁣

We are all being exposed to a lot of stress whether we realise it or not. ⁣⁣
Our body and minds have to deal with this stress in whatever way it knows how.

If you do not have a release for this, it can come in the form of illness and depression.

Exercise is one of the best ways to deal with stress and to allow your body and minds to flush it out of your system.

When it comes to Covid-19 itself, being fit and healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle has also been shown to be one of the best ways to fight it off.

Our health and mental health is more important than ever right now.

Not enough is being said about exercise and the benefits it can have on helping with this.

We are all in a situation where it can feel like there is a constant itch of stress in the back of our minds and that itch is slowly getting worse as the months go on.

This can lead to us feeling overwhelmed and thinking that everything is falling down around us.

Even if you think nothing is going right, I can guarantee you that there are good things happening that you are probably missing and it is easy to do at the moment. ⁣⁣

We tend to focus on the negative things and let them take over our thoughts. ⁣⁣

Think about any time you have had a negative comment directed at you about anything.
You could have had a thousand positive comments before that, but that one negative one will be the one that you will focus on and the one that ends up taking over your thoughts.

So, we need to take back control of our current situation to help us to destress and keep positive and healthy and there are a few ways we can do this.

Eating Healthy
Sleep 7-9 hours per night
Be active daily
Reduce screen time
Keep a daily journal

I have mentioned above why exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle is so important right now.

Along with this we have sleep. Sleep is our body’s way to recover and rest. We need good, unbroken deep sleep each night for this to happen.

Exercise and being active will help us to achieve better sleep.

Reducing our screen time and not looking at any phones or tablets before bed will also help with this.

Another way to help with better sleep is to reduce our negative thoughts that can also take over our dreams.

A great way to find out what good things are happening is to keep a daily Journal. ⁣⁣

At the start or end of each day, you write down all the good things that happened that day and everything you are grateful for. ⁣⁣

This lets you focus on your wins and all the good things, no matter how small they may seem. ⁣⁣

We do a weekly win in our Rushe Fitness and rushe Fitness live groups and it’s always great to see people sharing the little wins they had that week and sharing some positivity around.

Starting any one of the tips above will have a positive affect on your mindset and your life.

Be sure to try and ⁣⁣start one or more of them this week.

If you have been feeling the effects of Level 3 and the new restrictions, just know they will pass and we’ll be back to normal sooner rather than later. ⁣⁣Chin up everyone and keep moving.

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