Anyone in need of support is asked to call Donegal Women's Domestic Violence Service.

Donegal Gardaí and support service workers have expressed concern over a potential rise in domestic violence during the coronavirus outbreak.

With many people losing their jobs and confined to their homes, there are fears that there could be a rise in violence in homes.

A senior Donegal Garda told Donegal Daily “Crime in general, is low thankfully as most people are complying with the guidelines.

“However, we have already noticed a rise already in domestic type situations as people spent more and more time cooped up together.”

Donegal Women’s Domestic Violence Service said the situation will undoubtedly lead to an increase in domestic abuse.

A spokesperson said “During this period, when Ireland is battling the Coronavirus outbreak, we recognise what a difficult time this is for many families. We know that the increased family isolation, health concerns and financial uncertainty can lead to an increase in domestic abuse incidents.”

The group asked all women who need support at this time to contact their helpline on 1800 26 26 77.

At present, staff are not available to meet in person but we are still available over the phone.

The spokesperson added “We encourage women who have never called before to reach out for support. We also welcome women who may have used the service in the past who are currently facing renewed stresses. Our outreach workers are ready to advise and support over the phone.”

To speak with a staff member or arrange a support call with an outreach worker call 1800 26 26 77.