A new advertising campaign by an Inishowen nightclub has sparked a heated debate this weekend.

This large billboard appeared in Buncrana this week promoting Libertys Nightclub with a golf themed image and slogan, referring to the 2018 Irish Open this summer.

Facebook @ClubLibertys

A ’19th Hole’ is a slang term for the final stop in a golfing trip, which is sometimes the pub. However, the close up picture of a woman’s behind has been interpreted to carry sexist connotations. Facebook users have hit out at the advert as ‘misogynistic’, ‘degrading’ and ‘disturbing’.

There have been numerous calls for the poster to be taken down, including those of Donegal Senator Pádraig Mac Lochlainn. The Senator has said the billboard is “just plain offensive to women” and “offensive to men who respect the women in their lives.”


He added: “If it was shock value publicity they were seeking, then mission accomplished. They need to cop themselves on, show some respect for our community and take it down!” Libertys have yet to comment on the advertisement.

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How do you interpret the meaning of this poster? Is it offensive to women? Or are people getting the intended message wrong?