Did you know that Wednesday 19th February is National Lash Day? For this occasion, Lynda Strain has her guide to the treatments and products that let your eyes make a statement.

Natural lashes

Some lucky people are blessed with thick long eyelashes and some of us are not. So we look for alternatives to make our lashes darker, fuller and more noticeable. 

What has the beauty industry to offer us in the search for the lashes we so desire???

Eyelash Tint – Creates the illusion that we have mascara on by darkening our lashes. It can last between 4- 6 weeks. It will not thicken or lengthen lashes but does give a ultimate definition to the eyes.

Tip: Use eyelash curlers after a tint to curl lashes followed by a clear mascara to lift lashes!

Patch test will be required 24-48hrs prior to treatment to ensure that you are suitable to get the treatment carried out.

Eyelash Curlers – A great accessory to any makeup bag. Designed to lift, curl and elongate lashes. They can come in different forms suited to eye-shape and hair length and some can be heated.

Tip: Do not apply mascara prior to clamping eyelashes as this can causes lashes to break!


There are so many different properties of a mascara, some can be waterproof which tend to be much harder to remove, smudge proof, volumizing, thickening, lengthening and so on. It depends on what you want for your lashes.

I have added Diamond Eyes Mascara to my makeup  brand collection. It has curling and volumizing properties and also contains Vitamins A, C and E to strengthen and nourish your lashes while also increasing the curl by up to 50%.

Tip: Do not keep your mascara for longer than 3 months as it will be off and is a breeding ground for bacteria!

Lash Lift 

Enhancing your natural lashes without mascara or false eyelashes. Giving extra oomph. Lash lifts are often paired with eyelash tints. Well known lash lift companies are LVL, Yumi Lashes and Mrs Lash Lift.  It is proving to be a very popular salon treatment which I will also be offering in the coming months.

Tip: Keeps eyes dry after treatment so no sauna, steam rooms or swimming pools!

Eyelash Extensions

My personal favourite. A lot of my brides would go for these as they last for up to 6 weeks. They are great for honeymoon or holidays in general.  You can get different types of extensions such as synthetic, silk or mink and different lengths. Prices will vary depending on type and length chosen. 

Tip: To maintain good extensions do not apply mascara to lashes, brush them daily and be gentle around the eye area when removing eye-makeup.

Express Lashes 

They can come in strip form, with a glue applicator, pre-glued (not my personal favourite), magnetic and individual.

I love strip lashes as they are quick and easy to put on, add pizzazz to any eye-makeup and can really open your eye area up creating the illusion that your eyes are bigger than they are. They also come in a variety of forms suited to different eye-shapes such as a full strip, corner strips, thick or natural hair.

Individual lashes are great for ladies who do not like the heavier feeling of a strip lash but want a more natural look to their eyes whilst getting a lift also.

Without lashes/ With lashes