BPerfect Cosmetics founder Brendan McDowell visited McElhinneys for a celebratory social media takeover on Friday 4th August

Brendan from Co. Down is the mastermind behind the cosmetics brand which has been gaining a lot of attention and popping up in more stores all across the country this year.

BPerfect stockists McElhinneys hosted a glamourous event of demos and Q&A opportunities with Brendan to showcase the range.

BPerfect founder Brendan McDowell at the BPerfect Cosmetics Event @ McElhinneys of Ballybofey

Brendan met with customers, influencers and makeup artists, and helped everyone get bronzed up with the 10 Second Tan.

What makes BPerfect 10 Second Tan unique is the beautiful coconut and watermelon scents that replace any usual tan smells. The scents give a tropical feeling to the tan which also gives a beautiful sunkissed colour.

You can see the tan instantly on application and great bonus is that you can use BPerfect tan on your face. There is Aloe Vera in liquid to boost moisture so it looks and feels great on the skin.

BPerfect founder Brendan McDowell applying BPerfect tan to Novia Arbuckle at the BPerfect Cosmetics Event @ McElhinneys of Ballybofey

Brendan offered some insider tips for getting the best glow with 10 Second Tan:

Tan develops more on your hands and feet because the skin is drier so we should apply less product here. Brendan said we should squeeze our mitts to bring out some excess tan and use this small amount on our hands and feet.

He said the trick to good application is to rub the tan in quickly and wait six hours before showering.

The Semi-Permanent Brows were a big hit at the event and Brendan gave everyone’s brows a beautifully shaped lift with the stencil and powder kit.

Noeleen McGowan, Cosmetics Manager at McElhinneys at the BPerfect Cosmetics Event @ McElhinneys of Ballybofey, 4th August

Brendan showed how the stencils are so easy to use and how the powder, with added wax, stays in place so well. An expert tip from Brendan for this kit is to press heavier on the brush if you want a darker colour for nighttime. He also advises to hold the stencil with your hand over your forehead to avoid blocking your vision.

The tanning and beauty evening was a great treat for all, with pink bubbly and plenty of photos, videos and insta boomerangs!

Click here to visit McElhinneys.com to browse the BPerfect collection.