Interior designer Anne Tuohy has a guide with key advice for anyone planning a new build.

So, are you all set for Christmas?

I know that it’s only early June, and no, I haven’t lost my sanity!

However if you are building a new home, or renovating, that question will already have been asked. “Will you be in for Christmas?”

Here are my thoughts on why you should slow down, take control of your build, and focus on the details. Why not grab a cup of tea, and see what you think?

Layout and function are undoubtedly the most important considerations to get right. No matter what, do not be tempted to rush this stage.

Get to know your plans intimately, and make sure that all your changes happen on paper. You need to carefully analyse each individual room and its layout, then you need to consider how each room interacts and flows with each other.

At this stage give specific, detailed attention to your kitchen and bathroom layouts, your door swings and openings. The more you focus on all the details at this stage, the less likely you are to make expensive mistakes during the construction process.

The optimum time to do this is actually prior to starting any construction works. I cannot impress upon you how important this is. Everyone that I have worked with who has done this, has ended up with a much better designed and functional home.

After all, you have invested heavily in your dream home, and you really are striving for perfection here.

Assemble your team very carefully. Ensure that you have the best people working with you by researching your builder and your individual sub contractors and tradespeople.

Get references and recommendations, and speak to their previous clients too.

Everyone is not for everybody, I am not for everybody, but let me tell you, when the fit is right, it ensures the perfect partnership of like minded people working together for a great result.

Don’t skimp on the details. Get a time frame from your builder outlining when he needs specific decisions made by. Factor in product lead times too, as some items might take months to order in.
I always begin my design process with the kitchen layout and design. It is the heart of your home, and it will determine the overall style of the house.

I then plan all the bathroom designs, in minute, specific detail.

I actually hurry slowly at this stage, and spend a lot of time doing this. You would be amazed at the positive benefits achieved by tweaking layouts, and swapping around the placement of the sanitary ware to achieve an optimum design. I also factor in the lighting scheme at this stage, creating lighted recesses and floating baths etc. By the time your plumber and electrician commence the first fit, you are absolutely certain of your layout and dimensions.

Then you can focus your attention to flooring, joinery detail and lighting layouts.

Do not be tempted to settle for second best because the trades-person you really want is not available. I have witnessed this happen many times, where a shortcut or compromise in standards has undermined the finished result.

Also, you must love and be excited by absolutely everything that you put into your house, This doesn’t mean that you have to go over budget, but it will take time and effort to source exactly what you want. If you feel rushed into making decisions and are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, trust me, you will make the wrong choices.

I would suggest that if you are “not in” by the end of October / early November, you should temper your expectations, and plan a less stressful New Year move instead. If you rush everything, simply to be there by December 25th, you will possibly have the most exhausting Christmas ever.

In addition, you will have started out with a negative, disappointing new home experience, when you should be filled with excitement, joy and pride.

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It may only be the beginning of June, and Christmas is certainly not on most people’s agenda, unless you are contemplating having your project finished in good time for the festive season.

So, if you are currently building or renovating your dream home, I would encourage you to slow down, plan meticulously and cherish the perfect result for you, your family and your individual lifestyle.

If anyone needs help with your build project, I currently have one opening available, and I would love to help you achieve your perfect home.

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I will happily talk you through your plans and see if I can help you.
Anne xx