Interior Designer Anne Tuohy looks to the future at how our homes will change due to the pandemic.

1. Design in the home will deliberately enhance and support physical and mental health

The realisation that good interior design has the capacity to improve mental and physical health will become more important than ever.

Designers will deliberately consider ways that mental health can be enhanced in the domestic situation using carefully considered lighting solutions, material choices. acoustics and colour scheming. Never before has the science of colour psychology been so important.

We will create clutter free, uplifting spaces to ground and support us daily.

2. An office at home becomes the norm

Home Office Desk by Irish company LOGÜ

Your home office will no longer be an afterthought, you will no longer want to work from the kitchen table or at a desk randomly pushed into a spare corner

Significant thought will be given to how we can create a beautiful, functional office at home to support our new remote working lifestyle. This will create challenges in small spaces, that will be overcome by applying clever design solutions.

3. We will embrace combined living spaces

Anne Tuohy’s Room Junkie live videos are on Facebook every day.

Zoom conference calls and virtual family meetups are fast becoming our new normal. These practices will continue to be our reality post Covid-19.

We will become more conscious of the aesthetics of these video interactions and spaces will be designed specifically with this in mind. Lighting, colour, and accoustics will all be creatively utilised to design the optimum virtual space.

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Stay safe.
Anne xxx