Do you know the signs?

Today, 8th May, is World Ovarian Cancer Day.

Termed the ‘silent killer’, today is about sharing the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and encouraging women to talk to their GP if they have concerns.

Around 400 women in Ireland are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year and there are about 272 deaths. Rates of ovarian cancer remain significantly higher here than the EU average.

The disease is most common in women aged 50-79, but we should all be aware of the symptoms.

What are the symptoms?

Increased abdominal size, persistent bloating, pain in the abdomen and extreme fatigue.

However, the Irish Cancer Society says that over half of women are presenting with ovarian cancer at later stages, due to the issue of identifying the signs and symptoms. Symptoms of ovarian cancer can be confused with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), so it’s important to know the difference and talk to your GP.

Think BEAT:

Supporting Ovarian Cancer Knowledge


Four remarkable Irish women, Antoinette, Brenda, Mary and Anne, have shared their experiences of ovarian cancer in this video aimed at tackling the taboo related to symptoms:

If you would like to learn more about Ovarian Cancer, visit: