Nice 'ussels!

Adorable Donegal girl Lena Wilhare is making waves online with her mastery of eating a bowl of quality Mulroy Bay mussels.

Lena Wilhare loves her ‘ussels

Little Lena is only 21 months old, but she already has acquired a taste for fine foods.

That’s all thanks to her family, who produce the famous Mulroy Bay Mussels.

Lena’s mum Helen and dad Johnny caught a sweet moment on camera last December when she was tucking into her seafood snacks.

‘Nice ‘ussels,” the Cranford tot comments at the end, providing her family with one of the best advertisements they’ve ever had!

Watch the video from @mulroybaymussel here:

Lena’s granny Bridget Wilhare uploaded the clip to Twitter this week, where it has entertained thousands of people and encouraged others to be as brave as Lena and try new tastes.

Bridget told Donegal Daily:  “We weren’t expecting it to be so big. There are over 85,000 views on the video now.

“Lena’s mammy and daddy are always sending us videos of the wee ones. We just thought it was funny and cute.

“She’s oblivious to all the fame, she’s just away at creche.”

Many children are picky about what they eat, but Lena could be one of Donegal’s youngest foodies around.

“She has a great appetite, she always eats whatever her mammy and daddy eat,” Bridget said.

Lena’s dad Johnny works full-time in the award-winning family business, which was established back in the 1980s by Bridget and Hugh.

“Johnny grows all the mussels and Lena is waiting every day when daddy comes in with her food. A lot of our grandchildren eat away at the mussels,” Bridget said.

With the shellfish being rich in protein, iron, vitamin B12 and more good nutrients, Lena is well on her way to being a poster child for healthy eating!