Little Jay Ramsay was starting the New Year off on the right foot by eating a healthy orange... only to fall victim to a prank from his parents.

Jay’s dad Gary Ramsay, who owns The Float Room in Stranorlar, bet his seven-year-old that he would give him a fiver if he ate all his orange.

Poor Jay tried his best to eat the orange – which was actually a grapefruit! His little face shows how much he liked the sour taste.

Jay didn’t have to eat all the fruit, but was rewarded the cash for his efforts.

Jay’s dad Gary told Donegal Daily: “We were making dinner yesterday and he kept asking for an orange but I told him after his dinner, but he kept asking so that’s why I gave him the grapefruit and the bet.”

Gary explains that wee Jay hasn’t been put off oranges for life after that shocking experience to the taste buds:

“He thinks the video is hilarious and it’s going to make him famous. He knows now it wasn’t an orange,” Gary said.

Jay will have to ‘concentrate’ on his fruit choices if they ever come from his dad again!

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