In fairness, if you've never heard of the village you'd probably giggle too!

Inishowen entrepreneur Laura Bonner received an unexpected call yesterday that has led to one of the week’s best comedy moments on radio.

The Muff Liquor Company founders: Tom Russell and Laura Bonner

BBC Radio 1 presenting duo Scott Mills and Chris Stark called up the Muff Liquor Company as part of their ‘Funny Business’ game. But they couldn’t contain the giggles when they got through to Laura and she casually introduced the brand name.

Donegal people are used to hearing about the village of Muff and various store names and products that come from the area. So much so that we usually forget the slang connotations.

Laura handled Scott and Chris’ fits of laughter like a pro and she even got the chance to promote her award-winning gin and vodka products on the UK station.

The business name had people chuckling all over the UK and Ireland as they listened to the exchange and texted in their reactions.

Scott and Chris couldn’t believe what they were hearing:

Video via @OfficialScottMills

The aim of the presenter’s ‘Funny Business’ game is to call up a mystery shop and try not to laugh when they hear the name, which is often very questionable.

Chris later complimented Laura on having ‘the most extraordinary business name I’ve ever heard of’.

“Best one yet,” said Scott.

Chris added: “I couldn’t even pretend with that one, I couldn’t even go along with it. We’ve both lost but I’d like to think we’ve all won there.”

Later, the duo were even more amused when they discovered the Muff Diving Club!

The Muff Liquor Company is celebrating its first birthday this February. The name is spreading worldwide too, as Muff Gin has tickled tastebuds to win awards in Hong Kong and the US.

Laura Bonner celebrates Muff Gin winning the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America “Spirit Of The Year” 2018 at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

When Muff Liquor was first released, Laura told that the name is just one element of the playful product: “We know it’s catchy, we are hoping people will remember it for the taste rather than the name.

“The name is something I thought of while back and I think it perfectly represents the fun and cheeky identity we want to establish with the company. I have a feeling the name is going to stand out amongst the other brands on the shelf behind the bar!”

And it sure did!

Chris Stark later tweeted the company to say: “Best business name ever. Sorry we are such children @MuffLiquorCo