One of Donegal's biggest music acts will feature in a special programme this weekend.

The Mc Loughlin Sisters, AKA The Henry Girls, will be the focus of this Sunday’s Ceol ón Chlann on TG4 at 10.30pm.

Musicians Karen, Lorna and Joleen were nurtured musically by their Celtic roots and were brought up hearing an array of sounds such as The Everly Brothers, The Bothy Band, The Beatles, Johnny Cash and Ella Fitzgerald as well being surrounded by traditional Irish music.

The three sister’s musical interests were born in their hometown of Malin Head, which will be explored in this week’s edition of the TG4 documentary series.

The Henry Girls

The Mc Loughlin sisters’ mother ran a local choir and their dad loved traditional and country music. He loved a party and regularly had musicians back at the family home.

The girls have been playing music together since childhood but decided to go professional in 2010.

Since then have become one of the most talked about folk/roots acts to come out of Ireland, now captivating audiences on worldwide stages.

This is sure to be an entertaining episode with rich music and stories.

Catch Ceol ón Chlann – The Henry Girls on TG4 27 Eanáir 10.30pm

Check out a clip from the show below: