The wit was mighty on last night’s episode of Derry Girls, as the gang headed out on an adventure to see Take That in Belfast.

The journey was doomed from the start, when a polar bear, of all things, was causing a security alert in Belfast. Nothing ever really goes to plan on Derry Girls, does it? But the mishaps always lead to priceless comedy moments.

Here are our favourite one-liners from episode three:

“I need aired Mary, I’ve five layers on me.”

Channel 4 Derry Girls

Aunt Sarah perfectly portrayed the trials of applying fake tan in the 90s. Standing sticky at the window didn’t even work out for her, as she only turned a slight shade of oak in the end.

“Sure they hate his kind there.” – Granda Joe

“My kind?” – Da Gerry

“Pricks.” – Granda Joe

Channel 4 Derry Girls

Granda Joe’s scathing attacks on his son-in-law never fail to make us laugh (and inspire us for our own family quips). Last night Joe made his feelings for Da Gerry known again by telling him that he wouldn’t fare well in Belfast, not because of his southern accent or his religion, but due to his general type.

“The fact that this one’s happening is a miracle. Nobody good ever comes here because we keep killing each other…

“And now we’re overrun with polar bears.”

Channel 4 Derry Girls

Erin’s outburst about Take That coming to Belfast revealed some home truths about life in Derry in the 1990s… with just a wee bit of poetic licence for the show!

“You can mix vodka with cider, right?”

The brilliant Michelle spent Belfast her bus journey declaring that she’s not a savage for packing vodka and mixers in her case for the concert. What she had instead was a savage concoction.

“The woman next to me is eating an egg and onion sandwich and the smell of it is enough to turn an Orange march.”

Channel 4 Derry Girls

It wouldn’t have been a good Derry Girls without some input from Sister Michael, so we were glad to see our favourite sarcastic nun on the bus. And she delivered probably one of her best lines yet.

“Who hasn’t lost a cousin or two in their time?”

Michelle really hasn’t warmed to the wee English fella at all has she? She wasn’t too fussed on losing him to the Travellers, until she realised that he had the Take That tickets.

“I don’t really rate him as a songwriter, you know.”  – Jonjo

“I’m sorry Jonjo, you’ve just crossed the line there.” – James

Channel 4 Derry Girls

Wee James proved his undying love for Gary Barlow when he turned his back on the promise of a new life with the Travellers to rejoin the girls. Jonjo insulting Gary’s talents was all James needed to know that his place was well and truly with the girls… and Rita and those Robie t-shirts.

What was your favourite moment from last night’s show? Let us know in the comments below.