Drogheda woman Amanda Teague has opened up about her relationship with her 300-year-old pirate ghost husband on Ireland AM.

Amanda says in 2014, that she put out the intention to meet a soulmate, and 3 or 4 months later “his energy presented itself to me.”

Her husband, Jack, is a well-built Haitian pirate with flowing dark locks.

No records exist of his actual existence, but through meditation, Amanda says she can communicate with him.

Amanda wed her husband on a boat in the Atlantic Sea, with a Shaman priest acting as the chief celebrant.

Speaking to The Sun, mum of five Amanda says she even had a pregnancy scare when tests came back as positive – however it just turned out to be the beginning of her menopause.

She says: “Some people are saying I’m a nutjob but obviously anyone who knows me has a different view. I’m actually a very logical person, I’m not airy-fairy at all. I’m involved in the spiritual community so a lot of the people I know are like-minded individuals.”