TV3 presenter and Donegal woman Ciara Doherty's dessert disaster is sure to give you the giggles.

We’re used to seeing Phillip and Holly losing the run of themselves in hilarious morning TV moments, but today it was Letterkenny presenter Ciara Doherty’s turn to create a priceless blooper.

Ireland AM Wardrobe

Ciara Doherty. Photo:

Today’s Ireland AM began with a #FlanFail when Ciara and her co-host Mark Cagney were introducing their baking segment. Kelly Lou Ging from Kelly Lou Cakes had created a beautiful almond and pear flan, but the flan almost fell flat on the floor when Ciara lifted the tray!

Ciara attempted a quick save when the cake suddenly slid off the plate, but she only managed to save one slice – the small little piece she had been eyeing up before the big mishap.

Thankfully the flan didn’t hit the floor, but Mark was almost on the floor in fits of laughter!

Ciara told Donegal Woman after the show that the #FlanFail all happened because she was just trying to move the cake so the camera could see it properly.

“Luckily Kelly Lou salvaged it and wasn’t too cross.

“The biggest challenge was trying to stop ourselves from laughing which clearly neither Mark nor I succeeded at!

“Live TV, that’s the fun of it!,” Ciara said.

The video, with plenty of slo-mo replays, is brightening up many people’s Fridays as it does the rounds online. People applauded Ciara’s quick save and pointed out that she didn’t even need to enforce the three-second rule.

Ciara was allowed back to the kitchen corner later so Kelly Lou could demo the recipe. This time, she was equipped with a stapler, sellotape and a clip in case she dismantled anything else!

“Here we go, hands off,” Ciara laughed as she unrolled the tape. She was almost too afraid to try the flan but, after all the shock and excitement we think she deserved a slice.

You can watch the full bakery segment here: