Thoroughly Modern Mammy Maria picks her top ten perks of motherhood.

What are the best things about being a Mammy?

I know that I usually discuss the trials and troubles of parenthood.

Why is that?

Why do I (and other Mammy Bloggers) tend to use the stresses and challenges of parenting as our subject matter, when there are so many wonderful things about being a Mum?  

Well, honestly?  There’s more scope for humour and entertainment in the negatives isn’t there?  And as I’ve said before, Mammies prefer to read reality and to feel normal, than to read about all the things that Someone says we should be.

But here are 5 things that are WICKED about being a Mama Bear.  

  1. You get to laugh like you’ve never laughed before.  Usually AT your minions, because once they get past the “I‘m just gonna lie here and look like a squishee witto alien, but do nothing really” phase, they turn into the funniest little critturs imaginable.  From their wobbles, to their mispronunciations, they provide us with unlimited fun and giggles.
  2. You can play with Playdoh, Dollies, bubbles and other such things that you haven’t looked at or thought about since YOU were 4. And things like playing on swings, trampolines and rolling down hills are absolutely acceptable again, (although I must admit, I ever stopped!)
  3. You get to eat LIGA again… or even better, Farley’s Rusks.
  4. You can use the baby as an excuse to refuse invitations to things that you just don’t want to go to.  (I would NEVER do this. Just saying.)
  5. You now have the excuse to watch ALL the Disney and Pixar movies as often as you like (if you needed the excuse!)
  6. You are allowed to have a messy house.  Actually, it’s expected.  And you can blame the kids.  They’re “making memories” after all! 🙂 
  7. You can also blame the kids if you happen to fart in public. (Again, me? Never!)
  8. You get to read all of your favourite books again.  Roald Dahl? Enid Blyton? Let me at them… again!
  9. You know every single word to all the “cool” soundtracks.  My car right now is Moana all the way, even when the girls aren’t with me! 

Yes, you will find a new-found appreciation for the word “bedtime” and for the silence that it can bring, but all joking aside, being a parent is wonderful.  You get to mould and direct a miniature version of yourself. You get a best friend who loves you unconditionally, and you can even “find yourself” in the little reflection looking back at you.

You get to play and have fun, and often, it is only having (or caring for) children that allows you to unleash your own inner kiddy.  Every day beings new challenges and new experiences and new learnings, for both parents and children. 

Yes it’s difficult.  It’s the most difficult job in the world, but it’s also the most important and the most satisfying, and of course it has its perks.  

What are your favourite perks of the job?