The Shandon Hotel and Spa held a special celebration today as the Shandon Organics own-brand range goes global!

The bespoke aromatherapy massage oils were invented by Eibhlín Cannon, the spa manager at the Shandon Hotel & Spa.

The oils were developed for guests to take a slice of their Wild Atlantic Way spa experience home. But such is their popularity, that the team can’t keep them on the shelves!

Shandon Hotel Manager Carolynne Harrison, Eibhlín Cannon, the spa manager at the Shandon Hotel & Spa, and aromatherapy expert Edelle Harrigan-Edgar

Shandon Organics Aromatherapy Massage Oils in Solace or Synergy.

Eibhlín knew that she had created a gem, so she brought in internationally-renowned aromatherapy expert Edelle Harrigan-Edgar so that the oils could be ethically-tested and be certified for use.

And after finally getting through mountains of red tape, a little bit of Donegal is winging its way around the world.

The spa team held an afternoon tea event today to celebrate all of the hard work that went into the products.

“It’s incredible,” said Eibhlín.

“I knew my clients at the Shandon loved the oils I had formulated over many years. I actually couldn’t keep up with demand from hotel guests because as soon as a product went on the shelves, they were gone.

“I knew I would have the support of our resort director Carolynne if I tried to push the idea of producing more products for sale nationally here in Ireland and around the world online.”

Eibhlín has been a key member of team Shandon since pre-opening 2016.

Carolynne presented the business proposal to owner and managing director, Warren McCarthy, and when he reviewed the projections, he was on board with the initial risk, investment in funding, time and research.

“After the director’s approval, I went for it and Edelle was amazing with her guidance and help. She had done this before and she helped me drive the business plan forward. It’s now being sold around the world with purchases online from New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Berlin and even Cancun in Mexico.”

Shandon Hotel Manager Carolynne Harrison making a presentation to Eibhlín Cannon, the spa manager at the Shandon Hotel & Spa and aromatherapy expert Edelle Harrigan-Edgar

Shandon Hotel & Spa Director and General Manager Carolynne Harrison says she’s proud of what Eibhlín has created.

“Eibhlín is a seasoned holistic aromatherapist and we were happy to support her ambition. So we engaged the help of a consultant expert in this field to develop our blends and prepare them for retail,” said Carolynne.

“We have always blended our own unique bespoke aromatherapy massage oils for our luxury treatments. Our clients loved the blends so much that they always asked if they could buy a bottle to take home.

“However we knew that to retail our oils, we would have to follow all the retail rules, with compliance, health and safety and it would need to be tested and commissioned by the cosmetics board.

“We soft-launched the products and they are flying off the virtual shelves since!” 

Shandon Hotel Brand Ambassador Mirenda Rosenberg

Expert Edelle explained that the blends had to be trialled and tested over a period of time to ensure consistency and customer satisfaction. 

“The essential oils are organic and were expertly selected and blended to provide the desired effect of relaxation and energy,” says Edelle.

“The blends were cosmetically safety assessed and meet the EU Cosmetic Regulations standards. The Massage Oils are listed on the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP), which is managed by the European Commission.”

The inventors say that the oils are amazing for massage, bathing or simply rubbing on wrists before events or challenging situations. All the body treatments include certified organic massage oils.

Like the Shandon Hotel, the Shandon Spa is ever-upgrading. The seaside spa has recently expanded with the addition of two new private Bayview hot tubs on the third floor terrace, overlooking the bay.  Further expansion plans are on the agenda to develop further, outdoor spa experiences in the coming years.

Body treatments at the Shandon Spa are complemented by the Shandon Organics Aromatherapy Massage Oil, you can choose either Solace for relaxation and comfort or Synergy for revitalisation and energy.

They are available online at

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Shandon Hotel GM Carolynne Harrison, Ellen Wright, Donna McGee, Eibhlin Cannon and Orla McFadden

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Elaine Gormley, Eibhlin Cannon, Carolynne Harrison, Christina Murray-McEleney

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Shandon team celebrate Shandon Organics

Niamh McEleney, Christina Murray-McEleney, Anita Friel, Danielle Grant, Lisa McHugh

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