Is there something nudging you to start a side business? This article from Career Coach Deirdre Mulhern is definitely for you.

Are you the type of person who when you spot a gift or talent in a person you will let them know immediately? I am! I cannot help myself but acknowledge this gift, that they may not even recognise themselves or often take for granted as a skill or talent that everyone has (which everyone does not have!). 

The reality is that we as humans are complex, multi-dimensional beings. To say we have one passion, one area of strength, one sole interest is usually inaccurate. A lot of clients that I am lucky enough to work with come to me to tell me that they are happy in their career, paid reasonably well, happy in their work environment but still feel like they have more to give, that there is still something missing, that they are not truly living to their full potential. They are not looking to quit their job, start a brand new career or become self-employed but are looking for a new outlet in which to grow, express themselves, demonstrate new skills and allow that next level creativity, while making a profit for their expertise (and of course you should get paid for your expertise!).

When we work for an employer we play by their rules.

When we have a side hustle, we have the autonomy and freedom to grow and evolve the business as we wish.

We can showcase a new side of ourselves in a side business, a side that has possibly been kept under wraps. Having the power and freedom to be the one to make all the executive plans, decisions, to reap all the reward and delve into an area that you just love is exciting, challenging, provides variety, stimulation, reward, recognition and internal gratification! 

Starting a side business does not have to be scary and it is something that a lot of people (myself included) will think about a lot before taking that first step. As the saying goes taking that first step is often the hardest. It doesn’t have to feel like a jump off a cliff and hoping the parachute opens in time. Starting a side hustle can be simple and straightforward. It doesn’t have to require a loan to start, it doesn’t require a fancy office space (most side businesses start out at the kitchen table) and it can take up as much time and energy as you are willing to commit. 

If there is something niggling within you that keeps nudging you to start, maybe you should listen to that inner voice! I believe in you. It’s time for you to start believing in you too! 

For support on starting up or elevating your side hustle to that next level, reach out to Deirdre of DM Career Conversations for guidance or to avail of her business mentoring programmes that will prepare you step-by-step, boost your confidence and self-belief and encourage you along the journey. What are you waiting for?


Deirdre Mulhern is a Career Coach based in Donegal