Donegal TV presenter Ciara Doherty has announced her second pregnancy with husband Richard Stern.

The Letterkenny woman welcomed her first child last year, a daughter named Renee.

It’s been a bumper year for Ciara, who became co-presenter of The Tonight Show after many years at the helm of  Ireland AM.

Ciara Doherty and Matt Cooper present The Tonight Show. Photo: Virgin Media

Speaking to the Irish Mail On Sunday, Doherty revealed: “I am pregnant again actually.”

“I am not enjoying a glass of evening wine because I am three months pregnant so I am definitely not enjoying a glass of wine,” Ciara added.

“I don’t think I got my timings right that I can enjoy that Thursday evening glass of wine.”

Ciara and her husband Richard met while working on Virgin Media, formerly TV3, before tying the knot in 2017 in Barcelona.

The TV presenter recently admitted she’s loving having a more “regular life” since leaving the early mornings of Ireland AM.

Speaking to RSVP Live back in September, Ciara said: “Anybody who works on a breakfast programme will tell you just how tough the hours are.”

“I think everybody has this impression that it is fantastic because you finish up early and then you have the whole afternoon off. If I’ve heard that once, I’ve heard it a thousand times.”

“Nobody understands that you walk around like a zombie for most of that afternoon and you very much live your life by the clock. It’s only people who have worked breakfast at some stage in their career really understand what it’s like.”

She explained: “It was lovely to just not have that pressure, and it’s nice to live a more regular life. What I lose out in the afternoons and evenings I get back in the mornings.”