Donegal singer Jacqui Sharkey has released a heart-wrenching new song in memory of the late Dawn Croke.

Until Then is a moving piece for those who have lost a loved one.

It has been dedicated to the late Dawn Croke, a Dungloe schoolteacher who died in a tragic accident in January 2019.

The late Dawn Croke

The song is the fourth track on the new EP Home by Jacqui Sharkey, released today.

As one of Jacqui’s original songs, its release was highly anticipated following a recent video performance of Jacqui and her friend, Ray McLoughlin from Co. Westmeath. The video connected with Dawn’s friends, family and touched many hearts on social media.

Jacqui said: “I hope this song helps to heal the hearts of people who have lost a loved one and perhaps give them comfort and faith. I really believe that those we have lost are still with us, and we will meet again someday.”

Since her first album was released in 2011 Jacqui Sharkey has carved out a musical career that has stunned and amazed the Donegal-based singer’s growing fanbase.

Now, after taking a short break Jacqui is once more set to enthral audiences with her new four-track EP Home.

A tour de force performance sees Jacqui wrench each emotion of Willie Nelson’s Back To Earth, and cover versions of Home and Just An Illusion, as well as her own composition Until Then.

It is the title track that touched Jacqui, as it will with audiences in these uncertain times.

The reflective and soulful version of Home echoes Jacqui’s memories and emotions and is her first release since her 2017 version of The Whole of the Moon, made famous by The Waterboys, made a significant impact.

Jacqui sums up why the lyrics of Home resonated so much with her.  “The concept of the song is something that hit me right away, as there is no doubt that I have always been a home bird, despite my extensive travelling over the years.

“No matter how much fun I have travelling or performing I love coming around that bend and seeing The Poisoned Glen, or seeing Carrickfinn Beach, if I am flying in. It always lifts my heart to be home.”

The EP marks a curve in direction for the singer/ songwriter, including Back To Earth, a beautiful lament for the broken hearted, written by the legendary Willie Nelson. 

“I just love Willie Nelson and I have wanted to record one of his songs for ages. Back To Earth is one of my favourites and hasn’t been heard enough, in my opinion. It is beautiful, reflective and pure. The man is a genius.”

Jacqui’s previous release of a cover of The Waterboys The Whole of the Moon has to date nearly 120,000 views on Youtube.

Jacqui Sharkey

Since then she has taken a short break, to consider her success and the emotions of being a musician.

“I really needed to take some time out and just breathe,” she explained.

“Between one thing and another, life was overwhelmingly hectic, and not easy in a lot of ways.”

Not that she hasn’t been busy! The trained lawyer was originally from Scotland but has carved out Donegal as her home, and that very much touches on why she chose Home as the title track from the EP.

“My heart is well and truly in The Rosses in West Donegal, and this song epitomises that for me.  I always feel safe and peaceful there. Home is always a special place for a lot of people, wherever they may be, and while I know that it isn’t necessarily that easy to be confined to home all the time, as people are at this crazy time, I think that at the same time, they feel safe and happiest at home, and are relieved to be there right now.”

Now with the EP Home released and more new music coming, expect to hear Jacqui Sharkey’s name a lot more in the future.

The release is now available for digital download & streaming. CD available to order at