After the upheaval of Covid-19, the future looks very bright for the Donegal Women in Business Network.

The committee held their first planning day with new president Jo Daly to schedule strategies and events for the year ahead.

Outgoing Donegal Women in Business President Deirdre McGlone hands over the reins to new President Jo Daly. Barbara McGroary Photography

The Donegal Women in Business Network has 200 members, comprised of women of all ages and stages of life with an interest in business. 

Going forward, the network plans to further grow and collaborate with others in business and community.

General Manager Niall Coffey Harvey’s Point welcomed the committee to the hotel on Thursday for the meeting. 

Photo: Barbara McGroary Photography

Full meeting facilities were sponsored for the network for the day by Harvey’s Point including their infamous award-winning food and service. Special thanks to our very valued member Sheila Russell who looked after us so well yesterday.

Jo Daly, owner of the Quay West restaurant in Donegal Town, was there to take over the reins from outgoing president Deirdre McGlone who remains as a network ambassador and also a network sponsor.

Barbara McGroary Photography

Barbara McGroary supported the network by coming along and capturing the moments for prosperity, so a big thanks to Barbara.