Two Ramelton women have almost reached the finishing line of the 100 miles in one-month challenge for The Mater Hospital in Dublin.

Anne and Deirdre Gormley’s efforts are even more impressive considering Anne is clocking up the miles while living with COPD and awaiting a transplant.

Anne, who is currently 13 months on the active waiting list for a double lung transplant, was determined to join Deirdre in achieving the challenge.

Deirdre and Anne Gormley

Anne has been called twice for her transplant but both times they have had disappointing set-backs.

The first time Anne went for the transplant the set of lungs were unsuitable and the second time she went the set were too small.

Anne’s mobility is very limited due to COPD.

Anne is on 24hour oxygen and she has to maintain a certain degree of fitness to stay on the transplant list.

The pair are doing this challenge together to support the donors, recipients, the people on the transplant list, their families and the Transplant Team.

Anne’s family suffer from two genetic conditions, both of which affect the lungs.

Anne lost her eldest brother John 32 years ago to lung disease.

Anne also lost her youngest brother Damien in 2016 in the Mater Heart and Lung Transplant Unit with Pulmonary Fibrosis. Damien was 42 and he was awaiting a lung transplant when he passed.

In 2018, another one of Anne’s siblings was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis along with her Mum in March, 2019.

However, this is not the first time Anne has raised money to help the cause.

When Anne’s eldest brother John passed away she collected all his poems and turned them into a book, in his and her father’s memory.

She has raised over €6,000 for the Alpha 1 Foundation in Beaumont, the only place in the world that does free testing for the gene.

Despite the fact the tragedy of Anne’s family is horrendous, she still lives a life full of positivity.

If you wish to help Deirdre and Anne, you can donate through the following link: