MUA Lynda Strain gives her guide to recreating the makeup looks of the stars from the 2020 Golden Globe Awards.

Creativity is intelligence having fun and therefore I love being a Makeup Artist.  I can be as creative as I want but I also need inspiration from time to time, so I like to check out what is hot and what is not in the land of Hollywood.

I have put together my favourite looks from the 2020 Golden Globe Awards.

I have also listed 3 Lynda Strain Products that you can use to recreate the look that captivates you the most.

Love Lynda x 

Zoe Kravitz

Hi-life Contour Kit – Eyes and Cheeks

Hannah Luminator – Face and Décolleté 

Sunset Blvd – Lips

Margot Robbie

Sarah – Cheeks and Eyes

Nicola Luminator – Face

Walk of Fame – Lips

Jennifer Lopez

Hi-Life Contour Kit – Cheeks and Eyes

Roseanne Luminator – Face and Lips

Cleopatra Liquid Liner – Eyes

Priyanka Chopra

Pretty Polly – Cheeks/Eyes

Shannon Luminator – Face/Décolleté

Pretty Woman – Lips

Kerry Washington

Ameilia Alice – Eyes/Cheeks

Sarah – Cheeks

Hollywood – Lips

Ana De Armas

Hi-life Contour kit – Cheeks/Eyes

Beauty Blush – Cheeks/Eyes

Sunset Blvd – Lips

Salma Hayek

Hi-Life Contour kit – Face/Eyes

Sarah – Cheeks

Roseanne Luminatior – Face/Décolleté

Vintage – Lips