LipLove! Donegal-based makeup artist Lynda Strain shares her secret steps to long-lasting lippy:

International makeup artist and educator Lynda Strain’s products are all about classic Hollywood glamour, so what better way to start her column series on DW than with a guide to making a strong lip colour last all day.

LipLove! Seven steps to longlasting lippy:

1 – Exfoliate your lips for a smooth seamless base for your lipstick

2 – Apply concealer around lip contour before and after lipstick to prevent lipstick from feathering

3 – Lining your lips before and after lipstick with lip liner not only ensures that you create the perfect lip contour but it will also stop lipstick from feathering. 

4 – Lip prime is a great product to produce a smooth velvet base to lock lipstick on. 

5 – Seal your lips!  Setting your lips with setting powder after lipliner , prior to lipstick application is another great tip to create a dry base for lipstick to adhere to. Not recommended if lips are dry or If using primer.

6 – Wearing a very wet lipgloss can create a sliding effect anything applied on the lips will come off a lot quicker. 

7 – A Peralised lipstick tends to have more moisture in it so can wear off a lot quicker so a matte lipstick with more staying power would be a better option.

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FUN FACT: The ancient Egyptians used cochineal from crushed beetles as a red lip stain!

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