Work by the award winning documentary maker Helena Gallagher has been nominated for a prestigious Celtic Media Award.

Helena Gallagher, who is originally from Arranmore Island but who now lives in Scotland, is no stranger to the world of broadcasting.

The owner of HG Productions, Helena has worked in film and TV industry for over 30 years.

Helena Gallagher

Helena Gallagher

A previous radio documentary entitled ‘Searching for Answers’ was broadcast on RTE radio and won a Gold New York International Radio Award in 2011.

Helena regularly returns to Arranmore Island where she works and edits many of her productions.

Some of her other documentaries include ’Bus Ghlaschu’ and Iniscaroch which were broadcast on TG4 in 2017.

Helena’s current documentary is titled ‘Gaol Is Call’ (Gaidhlig name) or Labour of Love, which is nominated for the Celtic Media Award.

The documentary centres on the tragedy of stillbirth and miscarriage, and tells the heart-wrenching stories of the parents left behind, bereft and at a loss.

In a sensitive and moving documentary, BBC news broadcaster Mairi Rodgers, who also has Donegal connections, gives an honest account of her experience when she lost her baby Annie when she was 5 months pregnant.

Màiri Rodgers – Labour of Love. BBC

Over the course of 6 months Mairi meets families touched by stillbirth and miscarriage including football Wag Lisa Hague and her partner, ex-Celtic football player Kris Commons, who lost their daughter Lola when Lisa was over 8 months pregnant. Lisa decided not to hold her daughter Lola when she was born ‘I deeply regret that, I deeply regret not holding her and not seeing her’.

As Mairi reveals how she struggled to cope with her own pain, her personal journey will give courage and hope to other families who are struggling with similar grief, and an insight into a subject that many people find difficult to talk about. What kind of impact did the trauma have on her relationship with her husband Lachie?

Màiri Rodgers – Labour of Love

The programme follows Mairi as she makes an emotional return to the Raigmore Hospital where her precious daughter was born sleeping. Through her brave reflections, we gain an insight into the realities she had to face up to when faced with the heartbreaking news of the complications with her baby.

On her journey Mairi meets Psychotherapist Peggy Mullally and seeks advice and support about how to deal with the loss as an individual and as a family.

We’ll see Mairi looking at the memory box given to her at the hospital which contains the hand and footprints of her daughter Annie. In moving reflection, Mairi talks about how precious this memory box is to her and how important it was for her and her husband Lachie to spend time with Annie and make memories with her.

Labour of love is a truly moving account of love and loss, told through the experiences of those who have lived through it. The intimate stories of how families have coped with such traumatic events through supporting each other reveal characters of immense courage and mental fortitude while offering hope and direction to those who have had to face similar adversity.

The awards take place in Aviemore in Scotland in June 2018