This week promises to be a hoot for local fans.

There is big excitement on Derry Girls week when a new girl joins the gang.

The C4 comedy will be welcoming Aoife Hinds as Mae Cheung, a new student at Lady Immaculate.

Mae’s arrival brings a lot of excitement to our regular crew, who are thrilled with the idea of having an ‘exotic’ friend from China.

However, they get a culture shock of their own when they realise she’s from Donegal.

Donegal might just be a short drive away, but Mae will have a bit of settling in to do in the city.

“Things are done differently in this part of the world,” Sr Michael warns her.

Wonder does Mae know Kamal from Ballybofey?

Derry Girls. Channel 4

Meanwhile, the style will be seriously good this week when Jenny Joyce organises a 50s themed prom.

Erin, Clare and Michelle are all on the hunt for dates, but Orla has someone special in mind.

Back in Erin’s house, there’s chaos when the family TV is on the blink. But peace isn’t too far away.

Catch episode 5 of Derry Girls series two on Channel 4, Tuesday 2nd April at 9.15pm.