Distance stood in the way of love for Donegal singer Annah Lafferty on this week’s First Dates Ireland.

The popular 20-year-old student from Malin was on the hunt for a farmer on the RTE dating show. Things were looking good when she was paired with shy Daniel (23) from Tipperary.

Daniel’s work was right up Annah’s street, although the likeable lad admitted that he wasn’t an experienced dater.

He said: “I was 17 when I got my first shift, like, so, y’know, I was old. I would struggle talking to women. I just have no confidence.”

Daniel also opened up about living with depression before finding a love for rugby.

Nerves didn’t get in the way of fun conversation between the young pair though. They discovered a shared love of classical music and thankfully remembered each other’s names, which was a big problem among other diners on the show!

Daniel also hinted that he recently bought a campervan and intends to travel the country, which could lead to a Donegal road trip. However, when they got talking about how long it would take to reach Malin from Tipperary, things didn’t go so well.

Annah and Daniel eventually agreed that the distance was too much for them to meet up again.

“The distance is the killer. If he was far closer, I would no problem,” Annah said.

“I don’t think that there was that much of a spark on my half,” she added.

Sadly, it’s a long way to Tipperary.