Emmet Rushe shares the many benefits that being tidy and organised can have on our health and wellbeing.

This week’s challenge is a personal one for us all.

We can all get to a point of feeling overwhelmed at times.
This usually happens at busy times of the year and when it does happen, we can be left feeling as if everything is closing in around us and we no longer have any time for ourselves and our own interests.

The time to sort that is not when it is happening.
The time we should be sorting that is now, when we have more time and we are in the mood for it with our new-found January enthusiasm. (you still have that right?)

Time to clear the clutter

De-cluttering has a wealth of health benefits;

  • It can help to reduce stress
  • Help with sleep
  • Help with weight loss
  • Help with time management and productivity
  • Help with eating better

You may be wondering how it can do all of the above, and I’ll explain all of that below.

Help with stress reduction
Having a house and life that is unorganised and a bit messy can lead to a build-up of stress in your life.

Taking some time each week to plan your diary ahead of time will give you some control over this.

Taking some time each week to clean and organise your house has also been shown to reduce stress and will give you some valuable time when you don’t have to search for things first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Help to sleep better
If your room is unorganised and your wardrobes, bed and floor are a mess, this will stop you from having as good a night’s sleep as you could be having.

One of the main suggestions for better sleep is having clean and organised sleeping quarters.

You should get rid of electronics from the bedroom and have clean bed sheets.

So, if you have too many things in your bedroom, it’s time to get rid of what you no longer need or wear or organise and put away what you do.

Help with weight loss
How many times have you went to the gym and forgot your gear or some part of it?

How many times have you been unable to find your runners, so didn’t go for that walk or run?

How many times have you felt like you have had so much on that your fitness has been pushed to the side?

Being organised, having everything in its place and having your weekly schedule planned out will free up your time and you will always be ready to get your training in.

Help with time management and productivity.
As the tips above already alluded to: if you are organised, know your week in advance and know where everything is, you will free up so much time for yourself and will be more productive in the important things in your life.

Getting rid of any distractions and getting your home and workspace organised means that you will have fewer excuses to put things off or to procrastinate.

Help to eat better
If your kitchen is cluttered you will be less likely to cook good meals and will choose the easier, quicker options.

The majority of the time, the easier options aren’t overly healthy and this can lead to weight gain.

De-cluttering your kitchen and fridge and stocking up with food, cooking ware and utensils that will help you, means that you will cook better meals with ease, and this will both save you time and improve your health and reduce your weight.

The tips above are simple to do, but when you begin to do it, you must be ruthless about what you are throwing away in order to de-clutter your life. (Not your partner)

The reason for that is so you don’t end up hoarding things unnecessarily and end up right back to where you started after a few weeks.

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