Fitness columnist Emmet Rushe has a list of low-calorie drinks for the festive season, so we can party on and stick to our goals.

It is officially December and that can only mean one thing; Christmas party season has officially arrived.

With the upcoming festivities and with Christmas being only a few weeks away, it is so easy at this time of year to go over on our calories.

  • Christmas parties
  • Nibbles after work
  • Tubs of Roses everywhere we turn
  • Drinks every time we visit our family and friends
  • The mahoosive Christmas dinner

I’ve got the ‘meat sweats’ just thinking about all of it.

Lets face it though, who is going to miss out on all of the festivities? I know I won’t, and I’m guessing that you won’t either.

With the upcoming Christmas parties, one question that I keep getting asked is about alcohol.

My Rushe Fitness members are currently taking part in the ‘Little Black Dress Challenge‘.
Some of them have surpassed their goals already (1-2 dress sizes down) and are looking to keep the momentum going right up until Christmas.

With some Christmas parties starting from December 1st, they are concerned about the party drinks ruining all of their great work so far.

Listen, I’m a realist. I don’t expect anyone to go out in a social situation such as a Christmas party and to abstain from drinking for the entire evening.

If you have a situation like this coming up and you are in a similar predicament with Christmas drinks, Fear Not!.

I am going to give you 5 low calorie drink options that will make it easier for you to socialize, and relax and enjoy the party. (All drinks are based on the standard Irish 35ml half)

(1) Gin and Tonic.d2
Gin and tonic is a classic drink and a favorite of my members.
Order it with a slimline tonic and you are getting a quality drink for only 76 calories.



(2) Rum and Coked3
Captain Morgan made his way into the Irish drinking scene a few year back and Rum and Coke had a huge resurgence.
Coming in at only 80 calories when served with a diet coke, makes it a great choice when watching your waistline.


If cocktails are more of your thing and if you are still wondering why Carrie Bradshaw and the ‘Sex and the City‘ girls always drank Cosmopolitans, it’s because they are one of the lowest calorie cocktail options you can choose.
The classic Cosmopolitan is made from vodka, lime juice and a splash of cranberry juice.
A standard cosmo, (not a jug) come in at around 150 calories.

(4)Vodka Martini with a twistd4
This one may be a bit, ‘James Bond’ on it, but the super spy knew what he was doing.
The shaken Martini is mentioned twice in the first Bond film Dr. No (1962). When Bond has presumably ordered a drink from Room Service to his hotel room, it is mixed by a waiter, who says “one medium dry vodka martini mixed like you said, sir, but not stirred.”
Coming in at 160 calories, you won’t feel as if the sky is falling the next day.

We had to leave the best until last.
Coming in at only 100cals for a standard flute, champagne is a great way to celebrate the party season without leaving your hard work behind you.



The reason for the spirits above as opposed to wine or beer, which would be similar to the cocktails, is because no-one sips on wine or beer, the way they do with spirits.

Slower drinking = less calories.

Tips to remember.

  • Choose diet or calorie free mixers
  • Don’t opt for pre-made high sugar cocktails
  •  Avoid frozen mixes and cocktails (high sugar and high calorie)
  • Avoid flavored shots. 
  • Drink a similar looking non alcoholic drink in-between alcoholic ones. (Drink 1, 7up free for every gin and tonic. Both look the same, you take in less calories and have less of a hangover the next day. No-one bugs you about not drinking.)

The tips above will leave you ready for the Christmas party season and ready for January without the excess baggage from December.


P:s I’ll have another Drop a dress size challenge starting both, online and in the gym in January, Keep an eye out for details coming soon 😀