Sinn Féin in Donegal have officially launched its campaign for a Yes vote to repeal the 8th amendment. 

Donegal Sinn Fein Chairperson Cllr Jack Murray says the party is calling on the people of Donegal to vote Yes on May 25th in support of women who need access to full healthcare services in a modern and compassionate society.

Sinn Fein party activists and elected representatives from across the county attended the launch of their campaign this week, while members in Donegal have already erected posters and have been supporting the Together for Yes campaign. Party members have also been active on the ground and engaging with people on the doorsteps.

Donegal Sinn Fein launch 8th amendment referendum campaign for Yes

Cllr Jack Murray said: “We want to see a strong Yes vote returned from Donegal.

“I understand the difficulties that many people have on this issue. It isn’t black and white and it is extremely complex.

“It is vital however, that women in Ireland be entitled to the full healthcare access that a modern and compassionate society can provide. The eighth amendment prevents that.


Donegal Sinn Fein representatives at the Donegal Together for Yes Campaign Launch, Jackson’s Hotel Ballybofey, Co. Donegal, 20st April 2018

“We also need to recognise that the eighth amendment doesn’t stop Irishwomen having abortions. Thousands of women have travelled to England to do so. Thousands of women import abortion pills to this state every year. These are women in our communities; women we all know and they are doing so without any medical supervision.

“They deserve to be cared for with compassion in Ireland.

“It is for those reasons that we are campaigning for a Yes vote and asking the people of Donegal to do so on May 25th.”