If you're already missing Sr Michael's cracking one-liners, we now have a video of her best bits. It's lovely, altogether...

Derry Girls season one came to a bittersweet end last night. Diverting from its usual comedy madness, the episode had many poignant moments from the schoolgirls and Erin’s family.

Viewers were overwhelmed by the stark reminder of the reality of life in Northern Ireland in the 1990s. News of a fatal bomb blast stunned the adults at home, while Erin and her friends overcame their own troubles to accept Clare as the ‘wee lesbian’ she is.

After six short episodes, fans of Derry Girls will have a while to wait for more comedy gold. These laughs were so often delivered by the dry-witted nun Sister Michael, played by Siobhan McSweeney. Her endless boredom and scathing remarks were loved by all, and many have said she is their favourite character and called for a spin-off series.

They were probably not the prayers of Sr Michael (sure what use would that do?), but Channel 4 have answered the call for more top moments from the nun. Here are the highlights from Sr Michael at her finest.