If you saw the hashtag #OutOfThisWorld on social media recently, you’ll have been wondering what star product Benefit were coming out with.

The build-up was huge, the curiosity rose by the hour, an actual SPACECRAFT is landing in the UK tomorrow for the occasion.

Thanks to McElhinney’s of Ballybofey, we can now reveal what all the fuss was about:

Out pops an explosion of stars when you open the box, and inside is the brand new BADgal BANG! mascara.


Benefit is well-known for their staple ‘They’re Real’ mascara, so what makes this one so amazing?

They used ‘space technology’ to make it – yes, the makeup world has become that advanced. The innovative ultra-light formula of the mascara is what makes it unique. We tried it out tonight and it really has massive lifting power and lengthening effects (check out the DW Instagram stories to see a first impression review)


The dramatic finish is said to last 36 hours, but we’ll have to report back on that one, since the launch just happened an hour ago and the world was sworn to secrecy before 8pm.

In Ireland, the big reveal took place at the Xposé Benefit awards. It was literally astronomical:

We’re expecting mascara to ‘blast off’ the shelves! It’s on sale now at McElhinneys.com and there’s an instore launch event in Ballybofey on Friday, February 2nd at 6pm. It’s sure to be stellar!