The Royal Wedding is set to be a very special event for Donegal's Lottie Dolls with the launch of a Royal Flower Girl. 

The flower girl Lottie will be released in April 2018, just in time for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding in May.

It’s an important event for the Lottie brand, which was named for Princess Charlotte in 2012 – many years before she was born!

Lottie the Flower Girl is looking for help from children around the world as she prepares a card for Prince Harry and Meghan. Want to get your kids involved?

The exciting competition calls on children to design a card for the happy couple and write a special message inside. Many children have been inspired to write poems, and the winning entry will be printed on a card inside the box.

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The Royal family are behind the very foundations of Arklu, the company behind Lottie Dolls which was set up by Ian Harkin and Lucie Follett.

Prince Charles and Ian Harkin, LYIT 2016. Picture Credit North West News Pix

Arklu was first established following the Royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton. They developed a commemorative doll set of the couple which was launched in Hamleys toy store, and became a huge hit with kids, tourists and the collector market.

The company went on to develop its own brand of dolls and, in recognition its origins they presumed the name of the first Royal baby girl to be Charlotte (a process of elimination on the family tree) and named their brand Lottie.

Prince William to Kate Middleton Arklu Dolls


Lottie is an empowering brand based on a 9-year-old child and is currently selling in over 30 countries worldwide.

The dolls are inspired by ideas sent to them by kids through their monthly competition. From Robot makers, to Pirates, Stargazers to Ballet Dancers the dolls focus on childhood and encourage kids to be themselves.

One of its dolls accompanied Tim Peake on his mission to the International Space Station, with the purpose of developing girls’ interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.

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