Wheat until you read about Breezy Kelly's simple philosophy for world peace:

Glenties woman Breezy Kelly is busy preparing for what looks set to be another successful International Bake Bread For Peace Day on Tuesday October 24th.

Breezy believes that the tradition of baking bread is something that all races, religions and cultures have in common and for the past few years she has been trailblazing a new global movement that encourages people to take time out with friends, family and neighbours to ‘bake bread for peace’.

Breezy Willow – Image via Bake Bread for Peace Facebook

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“The simple crumbs of an idea, a gesture, have gathered and spread across the world with individuals and communities coming together to promote harmony, inclusion and joy in a tangible way, at a time when there is increasing confusion and conflict in the world.” says Breezy.

“Baking bread is one of the most fundamental, nourishing and inclusive activities at the heart of every culture, a staple for people all over the world. In a time where so many of us feel helpless, here is an activity, a statement that we can make, a real gesture of peace during these turbulent times”.

Breezy has taken to the road, the air waves and the internet to spread her message of peace far and wide. She has baked bread with young children, families, communities all over Ireland and internationally.

Image via Bake Bread for Peace Facebook

Her travels even took her to the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont where she engaged with politicians from all parties.

Breezy is keen to stress that Bake Bread for Peace is not an organisation and that there is no staff, offices or fundraising involved.

“It is simply an idea that is being shared around the world and people are free to develop it in whatever way­­­­­ they can” she says.  

Everyone is invited to join in and share their stories and you can follow the the ‘Bake Bread for Peace’ movement on facebook or online at: https://bakebreadforpeace.weebly.com/

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