Anam Cara the organisation that supports bereaved parents, will hold a Bereavement Information Evening on Thursday 12th of October from 19:30 to 21:30 in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.


Social worker Ann Lappin will be the guest speaker, offering insight into the various types of loss and grief endured by parents on the death of a child.

Ann is a qualified Social Worker with over twenty years’ experience in supporting children and families through challenging experiences in their lives.

Ann worked in Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice for eight years supporting parents, siblings and family members of children with life limiting and life threatening conditions as they live with loss and change following the death of a child.

This talk will cover:
• The complex issues grieving parents must face when they have experienced the death of their child, highlighting what is normal in this process.
• The gender differences in facing such a loss will be explored to give an understanding for both parents of their differing worldviews.
• It will highlight the milestones on the journey through this unique grief and the small supports that can make the journey a little easier.
• Various types of loss, whether expected or sudden, will also be discussed to understand their impact on grieving parents, their families and the deceased child’s siblings.

Afterwards there’ll be an opportunity to speak/listen to other bereaved parents or to speak to the professional should you have any questions or concerns.

One bereaved mother who attended a recent Anam Cara event said: “Both my husband and I felt it helped us in our grief to be in a place where we felt safe and comfortable to express the way we feel and think. I am good at talking but my husband is deep and I find for him the more interaction we have with other parents like ourselves then he gets the nerve to say something. It might be small but it’s a start.”

The event gives parents an opportunity to hear a professional, experienced in bereavement support, talk about the many challenges families have to face into after the death of their son or daughter.

Anam Cara CEO Sharon Vard stressed that this event is open to all bereaved parents “regardless of the age your child died, the circumstances of their death or whether the death was recent or not. Anam Cara gives bereaved mums and dads a chance to meet and connect with other bereaved parents in a safe and comfortable setting. Here you can find a level of support and understanding that – even with the best will in the world – it can be difficult for family and friends to offer.”

On their website,, you can view testimonies from bereaved parents and couples who have attended Anam Cara events. There are videos on A Dad’s Grief, Sudden and Traumatic Death, and The Grieving Family.

The Information Evening is a free event. However, Anam Cara will need to confirm numbers. If attending, please RSVP before Wednesday 11th October or call the Information Line on 085 2888 888.