This just takes the biscuit…

It must have taken a lot of courage for Kilcar native Katie Carr to make this emotional announcement that could cause tensions with her friends, family and community.

Youtube: @Katie Carr

The 21 year old student had become so overwrought with guilt that she had to come clean with the most Irish confession of all – she doesn’t like tea.

Despite all her efforts, Katie just can’t get a taste for the staple drink. She felt compelled to apologise to anyone she has ever insulted in the past and insists that she just cannot change her ways.

Katie tells Donegal Woman that this video was inspired by real life experiences:

“I’m just tired of people being in such shock when I tell them I don’t drink tea or coffee, normally people would insist me to have some! Mostly older people would be like “sure if you don’t drink tea what else would you drink”,” she said.

“If it makes you feel any better I don’t like coffee either,” Katie admits in the video.

Some would say: But… what else is there to drink?

Katie says people reluctantly give her water after she refuses a brew. She is currently at college in Dublin, and says being a Donegal native makes her aversion to tea even more confusing to those in the big smoke.

“People in college be in shock when I tell them cause I’m from Donegal and I’m the most likely mad tea drinker!,” Katie said.

Thanks to Katie for sharing the video. You can visit her Youtube channel here:

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