We're usually more than happy with a jumper that plays music or has elf ears stuck onto it, but the Americans have gone above and beyond with this latest festive offering.

They call Christmas Jumpers ‘Ugly Christmas Sweaters’ in America, but this one is simply amazing.

Adorned with 24,274 individually placed Swarovski crystals, this jumper took 52 hours to made. It has a sparkling Santa Claus triumphantly riding a unicorn, with various planets featuring in the background. If a white, green and red unicorn doesn’t say Christmas then we don’t know what does!

And of course it’s expensive – a cool $30,000 (that’s around €28,500)

It’s made by US company Tipsy Elves, who have a simple mission – We make the most outrageous clothes known to mankind in order to make your life more fun.”

They’re enticing people to “history by purchasing this once in a lifetime collector’s item, and become the owner of this record setting sweater.” You’ll be making history alright! On the plus side, there’s free shipping and 40% off Christmas stock, which takes a handy $12,000 off the price tag.

Who said there’s anything wrong with a Penneys jumper?