You’ll either love it or hate it – the Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas specials are something that bring families together for a while. With lots of *shushing* and rustling sweet wrappers we all sit down to see what Agnes Brown and her clan have been getting up to this year.

The Christmas Day episode was all about Agnes refusing point-blank to get a Christmas tree. It has brought her more than enough bother over the years. As usual, all sorts of shenanigans are going on with her family and friends. Here are our favourite moments:

1. When it all starts off with a blunder
Jamie O’Carroll, who plays Mrs Brown’s grandson Bono, piped up with one of his first lines of the episode to call Agnes ‘Grandad’. Of course, Brendan O’Carroll is his real-life grandfather, and Jamie is the son of Danny O’Carroll and Amanda Woods who play Buster and Betty. We’ve seen Bono growing up as the years go by, and Donegal people might recognise him more, as the young O’Carroll family live in the county.

Agnes and Bono. Image: RTE

The live bloopers and family fun are what makes Mrs Brown’s Boys so special.

2. When Father Damien made a memorable entrance.
It’s something we might have seen on Father Ted – a priest in wholly inappropriate attire. Father Damien in his tiny shorts and holy sweatband was a sight for sore eyes, and poor Agnes didn’t know where to put her eyes. Many viewers saw Father Damien in a whole new light after his provocative posing on Agnes’ sideboard.

3. When Buster made Agnes her own Winter Wonderland
Agnes was adamant at the start of the episode that a Christmas tree was more trouble than it was worth. Little did she know she’d be getting her own forest in the living room. She was delighted at first to have her Christmas wish fulfilled.

A sudden domino-downfall of trees sent Agnes crashing through her coffee table, to much amusement.

4. When Buster got his yoyo

Buster always dreamed of having a yoyo as a boy, but his parents never managed to give him the toy. There wasn’t a dry eye in the country when he opened a gift box from Agnes and took out a working yoyo. His reaction was adorable.

5. When they broke out the karaoke machine
Many households across Ireland had been through a few Irish coffees and bottles of Baileys by 10.30pm Christmas Day, so when the singalong started it was hard to resist.

The ladies of the show didn’t have too many storylines in this episode, so it was great to see them take centre stage and take on Slade’s Merry Christmas Everybody. Go girls!

Image: RTE

And that’s not all we’re getting from Mrs Brown this Christmas! She’s back again on New Year’s Eve with an episode titled Chez Mammy. Catch it on RTE One at 9.35pm and again on New Years Day on BBC1 at 10pm