Donegal woman Anne Anderson is about to launch a new support group for all local people experiencing alopecia and hairloss.

Gleneely woman Anne Anderson has been busy blogging over the past year to raise awareness of female baldness. Entitled ‘Ms Amazebald’, Anne’s page discusses her life and personal journey with alopecia universalis.

This month, Anne will host a new support group for all local people with hair loss. The group has been designed to be a safe and comfortable meeting for people of all ages: children, men and women, to talk about the condition.

The first meeting takes place on Thursday 26th April, 8-9.30pm, at the New Beginnings Wellness Hub, Glencar Shopping Centre, Letterkenny.

Advice will be shared on dealing with a diagnosis and living with the condition, There will be information on the resources and supports available for people with alopecia. Plus, it will be a chance to talk about products and wigs.

Anne said she hopes that after the first event, she can invite professionals to take part in meetings, such as makeup artists and counsellors.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting. For more information, visit the event page at:

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Anne’s amazing plans to show that bald is beautiful