Top makeup artist Lynda Strain has made the move to Donegal.

And she’s teaming up with to share her expert tips and tricks!

Lynda Strain’s love for all things makeup is infectious. With her own expansive product line and over 20 years experience in makeup artistry, Lynda loves nothing more than to help people look and feel their best.

Which is why we are so excited to introduce Lynda’s new beauty series on DonegalWoman. Follow this page for weekly beauty advice from Lynda, which she will be sharing from her new salon in Kerrykeel. 

Lynda Strain Makeup Artist

Originally from Armagh, Lynda’s brand bloomed from the large salon and school of makeup in her home village of Mullaghbawn. She became a high-profile makeup artist and has worked in many star TV, stage and editorial projects.

But some life-changing events altered her perception of makeup and its purpose.

“At the young age of 9 I took acne which started on my forehead and proceeded to cover my face leaving me feeling horrible, I was an easy target for bullies and with that, my confidence plummeted,” she said.

“I did what I could to cover up, but without the knowledge I have now, I was using all the wrong products.

“At the age of 25 I was diagnosed with cancer and went through 12 rounds of chemotherapy leaving my skin pale, dehydrated, itchy and flaky. 

“Makeup was a shield for me during this time too, but again it was hard to find a product that worked well with the changes in my skin.”

Lynda Strain MUA

Lynda set out to create a makeup that was kind to skin and acted as a treatment, not just a cover-up. Her collections tackle the myth that makeup is bad for your skin, as she has carefully formulated her products to work as a treatment at the same time.

The ‘Love Lynda’ range and Susan McCann “String of Diamonds” range, in collaboration with the Irish Country Singer, are both inspired by her passions and makeup inspiration – ancient Egypt and Old Hollywood glamour. Think luxurious, glitzy and classic makeup – designed for any age and skin type.

Lynda Strain foundations include HD Foundation and Vitamin E foundation that boast ingredients such as Vitamin E & Wheatgerm.

Lynda is now celebrating a brand new era for Lynda Strain Makeup. Having moved to Kerrykeel in Donegal, she will open her own salon in the town in December.

The Kerrykeel salon will also offer one to one and group makeup classes, teen queen workshops, bridal workshops and Look Good Feel Good courses with women who have alopecia or are going through chemotherapy and for their families.

Festive glamour at Lynda Strain’s new salon in Kerrykeel

“It’s very exciting, it’s a new start for me with new people and new products. It’s a new me!” Lynda said.

“This is an expansion of my brand and myself.”

Lynda Strain makeup is currently available online and at three stockists: Lough Eske Castle in Donegal, Del Loughran Hairdressing & Makeup, Co Tyrone and Colleen Mackin Makeup, Newry, Co.Armagh.

For Christmas, she is launching new long last lipsticks and Cleopatra eyeliner, with new Hollywood glamour sets combining the best of both new products.

So, if you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one to a little bit of glamour that’s good for the skin, have a browse on and don’t forget to follow DonegalWoman for Lynda’s new beauty series.