New year, new skin! DW Editor Rachel McLaughlin gets a skin health check-up, treatment and fitness plan with the experts at Patrick Gildea.

There are so many reasons to treat yourself and your skin in January. It’s a new start, your skin is constantly battling the cold, central heating and exercise regimes, and we’re really missing some sunshine.

I recently visited the new Allure Beauty Salon in Patrick Gildea for a Pro Skin 60 treatment – and it really was a blissful winter treat.

Allure Beauty Salon treatment room in Patrick Gildea Hairdressing Letterkenny

Allure Skin Therapist Kim Kelly at Patrick Gildea Hairdressing Letterkenny

Not just a facial

Skin therapist Kim Kelly guided me through the plan for the hour – which is no one-size-fits-all facial, but a treatment tailored to my skin type and to different areas of my face that needed TLC.

Allure use only Dermalogica products, which are professional and non-irritant. The goal of the Pro Skin 60 is to identify concerns, treat them and form a plan to fix them in the long term. All clients leave with a plan and a head start to get their healthiest skin.

Targeted treatment

Kim did a relaxing pre-cleanse and cleanse before some specialised face mapping. She checked every part of my face with a bright light. I had some broken capillaries around my nose (thanks, flu!) and areas of dryness, so Kim planned all products around addressing these issues.

She used a powerful exfoliator for rejuvenation before combining two serums for brightening and hydration. She ‘zapped’ the serum into my skin with a hand-held device called a BT Micro – something I’d never experienced in a spa before.

Dermalogica Products in Allure Beauty Salon in Patrick Gildea Hairdressing Letterkenny

Skin technology in Allure Beauty Salon in Patrick Gildea Hairdressing Letterkenny

This was followed by a luxurious but fresh-feeling masque for hydration, and we finished with some moisturiser, barrier defence booster and stress positive eye lift – just the tonic after a day at work!


What made this experience special were the relaxing moments in between the skin care. The treatment involved a pressure point massage on my head and arms, with lots of shoulder massaging in between. With aromatherapy oils and calming spa music, it’s easy to drift off and enjoy the indulgence of it all.

Private treatment room in Allure @ Patrick Gildea Hairdressing

After-appointment glow

Kim was happy to answer any questions I had about my skin care routine and even offered to call me the next day for a checkup.

My skin was bright and smooth for many days after the facial. The little makeup I did apply went on so much more evenly than before thanks to the much-needed exfoliation and hydration.

Post-treatment: Leaving Allure with a Skin Fitness Plan, Dermalogica product guide and samples

I was given a guide to master my daily skin care routine and some Dermalogica samples to try at home. I’m looking forward to keeping up with this fitness plan – it’s definitely easier than the gym!

Kim recommends that a Dermalogica skin treatment every 4-6 weeks is the best way to keep up with changes in your skin. I loved seeing the immediate results from the first session and can’t wait to go back for more in the months to come – and of course that little bit of pampering too.

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